Surviv io game review

Another battle royale match? Nooooo! Wait… this one is somewhat different from the others we’ve reviewed. If you have played an io game earlier, you will understand they’re typically low-quality games visually, but weirdly addicting. I’d actually never heard of Surviv io before, despite enjoying lots of the io games, and I was perplexed by how it was about to do the job.

From a birds-eye view, you are a circle with fists, and you will need to learn more about the map in order to find items — Above all, guns. If you do not have a gun, all you’ve got are your fists, and you’re likely to most likely die if you come across someone who’s all kitted out.
It is possible to play 3 distinct ways: solo, duo and also 50 v 50. Solo, you play against everybody else. Duo, you have a team of 3 other individuals. And with 50 v 50, the teams are split in half an hour, giving you more chance of winning as half of the folks on the map are still in your team.
The graphics are definitely questionable, but like I mentioned, the vast majority of io games do not have the best graphics. It seems as if they purposely look this manner, and it does not seem to disturb loyal players. So that’s definitely a win for Justin Kim.

The sounds and music I’m not fond of. The music when on the menu is somewhat annoying, but fortunately when you enter the sport, the music turns off and it is quiet. Throughout the true gameplay, all you can hear are shooting, water, bursting — all of the normal sounds through a battle royale game. My only issue is how low quality the sounds , they’re not just the most agreeable to follow. The issue isthe sounds will need to be on so that you may hear the footsteps of the opposing group.

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